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Apostille on Documents or Translations for Germany

What is Apostille certification?

Apostille is a type of certification which may be used to authenticate a translation or document as well as any signatures present on the document. It is most commonly applied to notarized documents to confirm the authenticity of the notary’s signature. It additionally may certify the country of origin of the document, the conditions under which the document was signed and the identity of both the signatory and the registered authority who has issued certification of the document. The Apostille legalization may be stamped directly onto the document, or may alternatively be affixed to it.

When would I need an Apostille certification of my document?

In order to accept any document or certificate as legally valid, any country signed to the Hague Convention of 1961 may require the document to be issued with Apostille certification in the country in which the document was produced. For example, documents in German including notarized German translations which have been prepared in Ireland but are destined for use in Germany or elsewhere abroad must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin for Apostille certification.

For more information on the Apostille certification and why it may be necessary for you, please contact us.

In addition to Apostille certification of a notarized translation, it is also possible to translate a document after it has been issued with the Apostille stamp. Please click here for more information on our range of popular translation and document preparation services.

It can be a lengthy and time-consuming task to obtain Apostille certification of your own documents. Allow us to take the hassle out of your German document legalization and Apostille certification needs. Please visit our certification page for more information regarding our range of certification and legalization services.

If you have any questions regarding the Apostille process or are unsure if this certification is necessary for you, please contact us! You can email us on irina@ales.ie, call us on (085) 140 70 50 / (01) 872-81-79 or visit our conveniently located Dublin offices in person (see our contact us section for more information). Our team of German consultants will be delighted to answer all your queries in English or German to suit your individual needs.


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